Autonomy & Accountability

As an Acton Academy affiliate, Solvit offers a daily schedule of freedom balanced with structure.   When trusted with this level of independence, Voyagers develop time management skills and a sense of personal responsibility.  As Voyagers grow in these qualities, they earn new "freedom levels," providing even more autonomy.   Although there is a great deal of independence, Solvit provides a high level of accountability through online tracking of progress in core skills, mastery badge plans, public exhibitions, and peer governance through contracts.

See for Yourself

These videos provide an overview of a typical day at Acton Academy, our model school.  There are hundreds of schools throughout the world now offering this model.  As members of the Acton network, Solvit will follow the same format.   

Daily Schedule

8:00-   Drop-off/Free Time

8:30-   Daily Launch (Socratic Discussion)

8:45-   Core Skills

            Goal setting, math, writers' workshop, reading, civilization discussions, "brain breaks" throughout

11:30-   Lunch/ Free Time

12:30-  Quest Launch (Socratic Discussion)

             Hands-on work, team-based challenges, sciences, coding, entrepreneurship, art, music, history, report on goals

2:45-    Studio Maintenance 

3:00-   Closing Group (Socratic Discussion)

3:15-    Pickup