Solvit offers multi-age studios where Voyagers can learn from others both older and younger than themselves.



(AGES 5-7)

The Spark Studio is a Montessori inspired environment where young Voyagers build the foundations in math, reading, self-regulatory, and social skills needed for success in the highly independent Exploration Studio.   The Spark Studio emphasizes hands-on projects and play-based learning.  As Voyagers master the basic skills in reading and math, they will receive a ticket for entry into the Exploration Studio.  


(AGES 7-11)

In the Exploration Studio, Voyagers develop a love for learning through exposure to a variety of subjects and experiences.  Learning is fun when the focus is on exploration.  Through this journey, Voyagers develop exceptional work ethic, a sense of personal responsibility, and advanced interpersonal skills due to the learner driven environment.  Voyagers develop communication and critical thinking skills through hands-on Quests and Socratic discussions.   When Voyagers have met all badge requirements, they earn  the right to join the Innovation Studio.



(AGES 11-14)

The Innovation Studio will open as our founding group advances.  Learning has meaning when the goal is innovation.  At Solvit, Voyagers find creative solutions to real world problems.  Here, the journey becomes more challenging and interesting as Voyagers navigate Quests filled with more ambiguity.   Socratic discussions take on deeper, more complex subject matter.  Voyagers begin to pursue apprenticeships in areas that interest them.   The additional freedom in the Innovation Studio requires a high level of maturity and independence.   When Voyagers have earned all badges required to demonstrate proficiency in those areas, along with academic badge requirements, they will gain access to the Launchpad Studio.  



(AGES 14-18)

The Launchpad Studio will open as our founding group advances.   In Launchpad, Voyagers lay the groundwork for life beyond school while doing apprenticeships and college level coursework.  They learn how to be leaders by  mentoring younger Voyagers in the other Studios.  While the bar is raised even higher on Quests and Socratic discussions, the most important goal is for Voyagers to identify their a direction for their life that will guide them to their next adventure.