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Session 1, Week 2

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This week already feels like we've got into a groove here at Solvit! Seeing all of your smiling faces to start my day has been a highlight for me. The learners have endless energy and their excitement is contagious. This week, they start digging into new learning challenges.

Spark Studio is having fun playing and learning about numbers and letters this week. Melissa read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and the Voyagers did a corresponding art activity, playdough letter stamping, and letter and number puzzles. Melissa will also group learning challenges together called a Quest that are appropriate for this age. Her civilization quest is currently tackling subjects like guardrails, responsibility, conflict, and resolution. Their Socratic discussion included the question, "Will a hero's journey always be easy?". Most of the Voyagers do not think so and mentioned it may be hard and tiring at times. They discussed Anna's journey in Frozen and how the story matches up with the hero's journey elements. Mainly, the call to adventure, meeting guides and mentors, and a tough decision at the end. Maybe your learner will want to discuss Frozen with you!

The launches in Exploration Studio are getting lively with a lot of "I agree!" and "I disagree!" statements. We are seeing the elements of a good discussion with a better understanding of the rules of engagement. The learners watched two versions of their lib dub and discussed what could be improved using positive suggestions and their self-made rubric. They decided they liked the second version best but wanted to refilm the first section to review this afternoon. Tomorrow, Lexi will submit their final cut to the Acton network so that it can be voted on as best in the network. All of the Voyagers finished up their Tech Quest, which includes getting logged in to the various learning programs we use. This afternoon they started working on core skills for the first time by choosing a program they were interested in. Ask your learner whether they chose a math or reading program and why!

Both studios are tackling the concept of growth mindset. Lexi used rubber bands to represent different learning challenges. Each rubber band represents a different skill or ability, and these bands are different sizes in each brain. We are each born with a different set of rubber bands – people are born with larger bands for some skills and smaller bands for other skills. All of the bands are elastic, and they can become larger if they are used. The smaller a band is, initially, the more uncomfortable it can be to stretch it. People are generally more inclined to stretch their larger rubber bands because they have the least resistance. This is great; it is wonderful to find and grow natural talent. However, the community will also focus on supporting learners as they stretch short rubber bands so that they can discover new gifts and talents that bring joy. Here is a video on growth mindset created by one of our go-to sources, Khan Academy.

Some growth mindset language to try with your learner:

-Wow! You worked really hard on that!"

-"Why don't we try a different strategy?"

-"I had fun watching you do that activity!"

-"I know this is easy for you, but let's try something more challenging to help you grow!"

-"I see this is difficult, but your hard work paid off!"

We hope you're enjoying this fall weather as much as we are at recess! We spent a few extra minutes outside today.


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