• Melissa Groff

Session 1, Week 3

Thank you to everyone that was able to join us today for parent coffee! I could tell that the learners were really excited to share their space with you and are excited to show you more at their first exhibition.

In Spark this week, the Voyagers listened to the book How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids. They discussed how we all have an invisible bucket, like an emotional tank, that can be filled by ourselves and others. They discussed how their own buckets are filled and also emptied, as well as how they can fill others' buckets. Today, they had an amazing conversation around the question: "Is it important to work as a team?". Those that agreed said they can develop friendships, get things done you can't on your own, and have fun together. Dissenting opinions popped up that sometimes it can actually take longer when working in teams. To create a positive incentive, Melissa introduced a bucket and pom poms. When the learners are working together well and filling each other's buckets, called Spark Synergy, they'll earn a pom pom to fill their bucket. Pajama day, an ice cream sundae party, movie and popcorn, and the bakery (Rachel's creperie) were all reward options. You'll see a photo of which one got the most votes! Their enthusiastic cheers give me the feeling that the Voyagers are going to feel that much more invested in keeping the studio a sacred place to learn!

The Voyagers in Exploration began the week with an introduction to SMART goals. Each day they set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound to help them focus their efforts during core skills time. They spent an afternoon watching the rest of the Acton lip dubs and sent in a vote for their favorite. On Tuesday, Lexi introduced the first Writer's Workshop (WW) which is where the Voyagers spend time writing in various ways. Stop one was to debate what makes something poetry and what makes a poem great. A clip from Dead Poet's Society spurred a lot of good questions! Their first challenge was to work together to answer the question, "What is poetry?". The Exploration Studio covered a similar topic as Spark by discussing how they are all connected in the studio. Passing around a ball of yarn, they learned what motivates one another. When they were done, they were all connected in a star shape. They discussed how each person's actions effect the other's corner and that in the studio their actions effect the whole group.

As you saw, both groups ended the week talking about the seeds of potential. What a fun and inspiring topic for our Voyagers. We are grateful to our Guides setting up such amazing learning opportunities and you all for joining us!


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