• Melissa Groff

Session 1, Week 5

As we say hello to fall, we are preparing to say goodbye to Session 1! It's hard to believe that the Voyagers are spending some time this week focusing on their Exhibitions. As a reminder, the Session 1 Exhibitions are on Wednesday, October 14th. Spark will run through a quick morning routine and then get started. Exploration will start at 10 am.

In Spark Studio, Melissa finished up her five senses quest. They identified the five different tastes by trying different foods. To learn about touch, they put Legos, pom poms, and blocks in a paper bag. Each put their hand in and had to describe the item to their friends without seeing it! The discussion around, "Would it be hard or easy to not be able to hear?" was very lively and we were delighted that there were great points on both sides. The Voyagers spent more time on handwriting this week by practicing their letters. Math included an adding activity and a fun game where they rolled a dice and had to identify the number. They ended the week creating fall trees in the art room, one of their treasured spaces in the studio. Their pom pom bucket is getting very full and we anticipate a visit to Rachel's Creperie soon.

In Exploration, the Voyagers had a really busy week! They are working hard to put the finishing touches on their poems ahead of next week. After writing them, they revised them using the help of peer critiques and they are now editing them for a final version. They're adding a visual art component that will represent the topic of their poem and have been eagerly asking when they can work on it! They were excited to break out the paint this afternoon. Earlier they did a really fun trust exercise where they toured the studio blindfolded with the help of a friend. We were surprised and happy to see that instead of pairing up, they actually helped the Voyager doing the course as a group with a main leader calling out directions. After each launch, they are voting on a Socratic discussion champion and we're seeing that a little positive reinforcement goes a long way for them.

We ended the week by bringing the studios together for an hour of board games. They enjoyed having some free time to hang out with each other. Your Voyager should see their family's favorite as they were all added to our collection after Family Night. Ask them what they decided to play!

Can't wait to gather next week. Remember to bring your mask.


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