• Melissa Groff

Session 2, Week 1

Session 1 was all about building the community and creating the right environment for learning. Now that we've laid the groundwork, Session 2 means time to dig in!

Week 1 in Exploration started with the introduction of the Coding and Robotics Quest. The Voyagers are really excited about this project and had a really great launch to kick it off. They watched these YouTube videos on Past Predictions of the Future and The World in 2050 then discussed the question, "Given how much computers can already do and will be able to do in the future, does the idea of knowing how to program them excite you, intimidate you, make you nervous, or ignite your curiosity?" Ask your Voyager what they think! They'll be walking through the Computer Science Fundamentals on, specifically looking to answer the following questions this week:

-What is an algorithm?

-How do transistors work?

They're in a good rhythm during their core skills time and will continue to make progress towards their SMART goals and check in with their running partner(s).

The Spark Voyagers started off Week 1 by watching a Sesame Street video that explained what a vote is and how Elmo and Abbey used it to choose a snack. Melissa asked the learners, "Why do we vote?" The Voyagers had a lot to say and mostly agreed that it is the fairest way to make a decision. They felt that it helps them sort out problems. She followed up their discussion with this Daniel Tiger video and they discussed how to enjoy something even when it wasn't your first choice.

Melissa has started to meet in small groups with the Voyagers working on reading, writing, and math. By doing this, she is able to work with learners individually where they are in each subject. We look forward to discussing where your Voyager is with you at the Journey Meetings. Don't forget to sign up for a spot here.

We ended the week with some fun Halloween celebrations. Both studios came together to do a super fun pumpkin report. They measured the outside of the pumpkins, scooped them out, and counted the seeds. Trent, Everett, Sawyer, and Mason had the most pumpkin seeds with 490! We're ending the day painting pumpkins and snacks together.


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