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Session 2, Week 3

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The excitement is building as we approach the middle of our second session. Exploration is finishing up their coding unit and look forward to programing their robot next week. Currently, there is a serious debate on what to name it.

In Exploration Studio they watched The Story of Google. Then discussed that while many people have great ideas, not everyone turns their ideas into reality. What is the most important character trait in bringing an idea to life: imagination, perseverance, or curiosity? Ask your Voyager what they think. They are trying to answer the following questions on their Coding and Robotics Quest:

  • What is the internet?

  • What are "events" in coding?

In Civilization, they were introduced to the first writing: hieroglyphs and cuneiform. Writer's workshop has them editing their memoirs.

The Spark Studio continues on its Science Quest exploring germs. They discussed "what is a germ?" and I had to giggle when I heard the word "slobber" come up a few times. They watched this video called The Big Sneeze, and discussed some follow up questions. Maybe your Voyager wants to debate, "Is it possible to avoid germs?" with you.

During ELA time, they did sight word review, letter sounds, practiced writing, and a leveled reader. I've linked to an article here on Sight Words 101 to give you an idea of why they work on them consistently this year, and how to work with your learner at home. Words for this week were like, the, and, you, for, and play. You could play Sight Word Bingo to have some fun and reinforce the learning at home.

In math, the learners were introduced to patterns and worked independently with pattern blocks and unifix cubes to create their own. It was so fun to see what they created!


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