• Melissa Groff

Session 2, Week 4

It's crunch time. You know when you have a deadline at work, a big test coming up, or a lofty fitness goal to reach? The Voyagers start to learn how that feels as they prepare for their Exhibition of Learning for Session 2. Energy is high and they are all working hard!

The Exploration Learners started the robotics portion of their Quest by watching NASA's Curiosity rover make an unprecedented Mars landing discussed how important code was to this tricky landing. They learned how to program their robot to display text and graphics, make choices using switch blocks, use light to coast or brake, and repeat movements using a loop. We look forward to seeing it all in action next week!

They also worked towards another positive incentive. They had to set and record a goal for both math and an ELA core skill program every day this week. They have been working hard but not always remembering to record their efforts, so we will have another afternoon of playing games this week if they are able to maintain this important habit.

The Spark Studio finished up their Science Quest on germs and personal health. This was a fun one to eavesdrop on! They completed a craft that they will be sharing with you next week and learned how our bodies protect us against germs. The Pigeon Needs a Bath sparked a great conversation about how it's important to take care of ourselves, and we might just enjoy it! Your Voyagers learned about personal hygiene, healthy eating, and exercise. They also discussed ways to keep their heart and emotions healthy!

Math included turkey-themed addition and subtraction which the learners had fun with. Sight words of the week were: for, see, was, off, on, and did.

Also, a very happy birthday to Alex who turned 7 this week! The Voyagers enjoyed celebrating him Friday with donuts and many nice things to say.


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