• Melissa Groff

Session 2, Week 5

Updated: Jan 19

We enter this week with much gratitude for all of the families that are with us this year! Thank you for trusting us to create an environment where your Voyager can start their Hero's Journey. We had so much fun celebrating all that they learned over the last five weeks.

The Exploration Voyagers were excited and nervous about their exhibition. The coding lessons were very challenging but we were so impressed to see that they continued to work at them with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. As they shared, they enjoyed applying this to coding their robots but it was time-consuming and they were just shy of completing their tracks. No excitement was spared, however, when we watched the robots perform. We had an awesome discussion about what they learned from that experience. The Voyagers said that they are proud of all of the hard work they did and they can't wait for Session 3's quest - Solvit Athens! As we wrapped up the reflection and badge ceremony yesterday, I heard; "I'm glad this break isn't as long as the last one!"

The Spark Voyagers were full of energy as they participated in their morning routine. They've added counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's and the ABC's using American Sign Language this session. We enjoyed an interactive experience showcasing what they learned during their science quest on germs and staying healthy. By asking them questions, they were able to show us what information they understood and not just memorized. Each learner created their own germ and filled out a "germ certificate" with different traits. It was quiet day here the day they made them as they all worked with serious concentration. We also learned more about their civilization quest on voting and watched them rock out to their favorite Go Noodle.

One of my favorites parts of the day was when the Spark Voyagers came up to watch the Exploration Voyagers demonstrate their robots. They were so interested and asked lots of questions! One of our older learners explained in great detail how the robot turns to a younger Voyager. Both of them learn from this exchange and gain confidence, security, and friendship along the way.

We hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! We can't wait to see you back next session.


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