• Melissa Groff

Session 3, Week 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Thank you all so much for joining us for Journey Meetings. The conversations that we had were certainly helpful to our team and we look forward to the next set of meetings on March 2nd and 3rd.

Exploration Studio is having so much fun with their Solvit Athens Quest! Each day, Lexi counts down from ten as they close their eyes and are transported back in time. They don their grape leaf wreaths and construct various materials with their hands. Some of the challenges are to construct an abacus, make a yo-yo, build a sistrum, and knit a hat. Once they upload proof of completing their challenges, they receive coins from Lexi that they can spend at the market. As they toil away making goods they can eye their prizes like Kool-Aid Bursts and Huggies drinks. They are having deep discussions along with their work, including how Ancient Greek Family Life was similar and the ways it was different.

We've noticed a huge shift in focus the past two weeks since we started using Freedom Levels. Ask your Voyager about them! They can earn new freedoms like using secondary learning programs and lead a launch. They have found this very motivating and we're proud of them for working hard.

Spark Studio is tackling a really fun subject for their Civilization Quest. They started Holiday Economics with a conversation on wants and needs. It was so cute to hear them work this one out together. They will also talk about goods and services before the session is over. They are chipping away at their sight words and are now doing phonics exercises with word families. A word family is the ending letters such as "an, at, og, ig" etc. and then changing the beginning letters creates all the words that would be part of that word family. For example, tan, can, ban. The Voyagers get really excited when they think of a new word! It is so neat to witness their progress and get a peek into the process of learning how to read. The learners that are reading are enjoying DEAR time each day (drop everything and read) and will continue to challenge themselves with higher leveled books.

My family recently bought a set of flashcards and a game to reinforce learning at home that mirrors the Dolce word list that Melissa provided. I also wanted to link to a PDF of the picture and handwriting exercise that she has the Voyagers do. I know my little artist will enjoy doing this activity at home.

Thanks again for your time, we know it is precious.


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