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Session 4

We have enjoyed seeing what all of the Voyagers have done with their snow days. There were some really impressive snowmen, sledding, and friends getting together outside of the studio. I also received many messages that learners were anxious to return to school, which always warms my heart! Since our Guides have done such an excellent job outlining this session's Quest, I am going to let them share in their own words!

From Exploration Guide, Lexi:

We had a very eventful week! The Voyagers wrapped up their detective quest as detectives in training. They spent time collecting microbe samples from objects around the studio with cotton swabs, then applied the samples to petri dishes of agar to see the different types of "microbe jungles" that would form!

During our Civilization discussions this week, we read about the civilizations of Ancient China & the Sahara Desert in Ancient Africa! The Voyagers had a socratic discussion about what makes a successful civilization: the resources within that civilization or the people that live there? They absolutely love to put themselves in the shoes of those who walked the earth more than 2,000 years ago! Here is one question the voyagers commented was "reeeally challenging" to take a stand on from this week's discussions: Did children work harder in Chin’s time (a young boy from ancient China) than today? Why or why not? What is more challenging:

  • cooking breakfast over a fire or reading a badge book

  • mastering 5% of Khan in one day or spending a cold day harvesting rice

During Writers' Workshop this week, voyagers finalized their hero letter drafts & began peer critiquing each other's formal letters by giving each other "warm-cool-warm" feedback. They are quite excited to learn how to address an envelope so they can finally send their letter to their hero. We're really hoping to get letters in return from their heroes: Kristen Bell, DeSean Jackson, and Gal Gadot!

From Spark Guide, Melissa:

"Hello Spark Families! Your Voyager spent the past number of weeks learning all about the weather! They are fresh Meteorologists, ready to share all of their knowledge with you. We discussed: Weather (in general), How to Measure Weather, Types of Precipitation, Seasons, Weather Patterns, Disastrous Weather Patterns, Safety in Extreme Weather, Types of Clouds, and The Water Cycle. I hope you enjoyed hearing about all the weather-related items your Voyager has learned about these past few weeks.

In Language Arts, we read lots of Valentine stories and worked on our handwriting journals. We also learned how to draw a "love bug" and then write a description about it. This week we were introduced to syllables. We know that sounding out the letters in a word is different than finding the syllables of a word. Your Voyagers enjoy clapping the syllables out. We also wrote "How We Show Love" on a Valentine today. You can find your learner's individual picture in your family channel. The finished work is hanging up in our art room! Sight words: out, our, your down, now, good, soon.

We completed some fun activities in math this week! Items focused on Valentine's Day. Each Voyager had a box of candy hearts and we sorted, graphed, and wrote tally marks for the color of each heart. We then had a little science experiment. The Voyagers predicted what the candy hearts would do in three different liquids: Water, Soda, and Vinegar. After writing their predictions, we found out the answer. If you get a chance, ask your Voyager the results!

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