• Melissa Groff

Your Next Great Adventure

Why did we start a school? I know I've written that it was for our daughters, but I'd like to expand. When I attended a traditional school, the singular focus was on what I needed to do to get good grades and do well on tests so that I could attend a four-year college. What I really want for my children is for them to live a full and meaningful life with confidence and courage. That includes their education and how it will form who they are and how they approach their individual paths.

At Solvit, the focus is tying in all that we do to a Hero's Journey and how you can change the world. Acton main has coined the term "Next Great Adventure" and that will be referenced as Voyagers advance to higher levels of education here. The idea is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to life beyond high school. For some, it’s getting into a competitive college and for others, it's pursuing a passion that doesn’t require a degree. It might be jumping right into a career or starting your life as an entrepreneur.

This fall, one of the original Acton Academy's learners announced he's landed his dream job at a Silicon Valley company, beating out 200 college graduates and industry veterans for the position. He started full-time employment in October 2020, and will not graduate until May 2021. In December, another learner earned his Congressional nomination to the United States Naval Academy! I've shared what others have done in this graduation newsletter.

These aren't flukes tied to one bright child and some luck. Solvit Academy's learning model promotes growth, maturity, and a ton of real-life learning experiences. Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, and speaker describes it perfectly in this interview. I highly recommend watching this brief, one-minute, clip.

Imagine your child at 18. What do you want most for them? They will spend a lot of their time between now and then at school.


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